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Write a sentence, rich with domain specific terms and make your search as precise as you can. You can add authors too.

Example: Impact of caloric restriction or prolonged fasting on mTOR, sirtuins and healthspan
Avoid: Eating less and mTOR

Using the checkboxes, select 1 to 3 articles that you find the most relevant in the intial search results.
This is where the power of semantic searching will shine, finding in a virtual space how closely your articles are related to others, bias free. It will not prioritize popular searches, only the one objectively close, so you can discover hidden gems.

Avoid: Selecting over 3 articles. It's better to iterate on the next results!

Iterate, i.e, select 1-3 documents and refine your search, or, go and explore other topics!

Domain Specific Engine

AI powered search engine, matching domain specific documents in order to bring you relevant items, unbiased by ranking algorithms. searchfellow searches de MEDLINE database, gets updated every 24-48h while in dev

AI Powered

This is a different way of searching articles: simple, without the usal complex keywords and operator, encouraging exploration through iterations and refinement.